4 Signs Your Home is in Need of a Room Addition

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A new home addition is a great way to customize and add personality to your current space without bringing the hassles and costs of moving. If you think you have stayed in your house for a long time and you need an upgrade, home redevelopment is an option you should try. Deciding to do a renovation is not always easy, but once you push through with it, you could save time and money while increasing the value of your home.

How to Know You Need New Home Additions

Here are some signs that suggest you get your new home addition soon:

1: There Is Too Much Clutter 

Have you ever reached the point wherein, no matter how much you clean your space, they still look disorganized and cluttered in the end? No matter what you do, you get frustrated because you cannot work in peace. The place does not give off that relaxing vibe, making it so hard to become productive. 

Sometimes, adding extra space to your home could be the solution you need. If you cannot get rid of the critical papers, extra clothes, or your dearest collection, it is time to give them the place they deserve. Doing so would reward you with the peace of mind and productivity you need. 

2: Your Home Is No Longer You 

You live in a home you worked hard to purchase. Ideally, it should reflect your personality. But there are instances wherein you cannot make it look how you want it to turn out no matter how you try. 

This issue is more apparent when your house looks unorganized or overwhelming for you. If you are after a modern or elegant room, it would be better to design your room how you want it to look instead of adjusting to the space you can use. 

3: Your Room’s Purpose Is Confusing

Another frustrating sign is when your room’s purpose becomes confusing. When you lack the extra space, you tend to make the most out of what you have. In some cases, the living room, which is supposed to be where you entertain the whole family and guests, also ends up as your home office. 

While there is nothing wrong with multiplying the function of a small space, doing so could also be unproductive sometimes. Imagine placing all your files on a table during the workday and then needing to place it on another side while you turn the table into a dining room. It is easy to do at first until it becomes too much work for you. 

4: Your Needs Have Changed, but Leaving Your Home Is Not an Option

People will eventually outgrow even the place they call home. When your needs eventually expand or change, you can always add a new home instead of moving to a bigger house. Adding a room can grow your property value aside from making things more comfortable at home. 


If you believe you have come across any of the signs mentioned above, perhaps you should consider expanding your home. Adding an extra room for a growing family with growing needs can make your home feel more comfortable. Renovations can be pricey sometimes, but your investment will leave you with nothing. Your expense could pay for itself later, should you consider selling it. It is a more practical option compared to selling the house and buying a new property.

Whether you need new home additions in Oakland or you want home redevelopments in San Francisco, GC Builders, Inc. is your best partner. Our team works hard to give our clients the best possible value that will be feasible to remake their homes. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. 

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