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KG Power Systems was contacted by an HVAC manufacturer and contractor on February 22, 2010, to repair and upgrade two existing 60-HP HVAC blowers in an office building in Hauppauge, New York. The HVAC manufacturer felt that it was in their best interest to subcontract the repair work as their comparative advantage lies in complete sales and not in repair work. The following day KG Power Systems began servicing the two units.

Diagnostic Results

After years of operation, the blowers were not balanced and caused excessive vibration and wear on the unit. The pillow block bearings had uneven wear and needed to be changed. The units had soft foot problems (motor bases were broken, rotting, or chipped causing the motor to become misaligned and/or vibrate). This also caused the belts and pulleys to have excess and uneven wear.

Electric Motor Repair NY

Motor UpgradesShaft AlignmentShaft Illustration

Service Details

KG Power Systems changed the pillow block bearings on-site and used its portable dynamic balancer to balance the two blowers. To repair the soft foot problem, K&G retrofitted two new motor bases, allowing a suitable area to mount the new premium efficient motors. The two existing standard motors were replaced by two premium efficient ones. This improved the motor efficiency from 91.8% to 95.0% (Inputs: 18 cents a kilowatt, 60 HP, and running 24 hours per day). The techs also installed new pulleys and belts. To ensure the motor end sheave and the blower end sheave were correctly aligned, KG Power Systems used a laser aligner to ensure a perfectly straight and aligned connection. This is very important, especially on a 60-HP blower, because if two sheaves are tilted the sheaves and belt will wear quickly, the connection will vibrate excessively causing increased wear on the bearings within the motor.

End Results

The yearly estimated energy savings per blower is $1,706.19, and the payback cycle for the motor is 16 months. Please call KG Power Systems at (833) 245-6700 or e-mail, for more information about this job.

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